What Is Pianissimo in Music?

Similarly, What does pianissimo stand for?

The letter pp stands for pianissimo, which means “extremely quiet.” The letter ff stands for fortissimo, which means “extremely loud.” ppp (“triple piano”) denotes pianississimo, which means “very quiet.” fff (“triple forte”) is an abbreviation for fortisssimo, which means “extremely, very loud.”

Also, it is asked, What volume is pianissimo?

The Italian musical command pianissimo influences the dynamics (or loudness) of a song and indicates that it should be played extremely gently; it is softer than piano but louder than pianississimo. pianissimo is shortened to pp. and is pronounced pee’an-EE-see-moh.

Secondly, What does pianissimo mean in dynamics?

extremely gentle


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“Pianissimo” is a term that means “very soft”. It’s used in music to describe how quiet the sound should be. The word comes from Italian and literally translates as “very little piano”. Reference: mezzo piano meaning in music.

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