The Term Ostrich Guitar Was Coined by Which Major Rock Music Figure?

Lou Reed of the Velvet Underground invented the phrase “ostrich guitar” after the pre-Velvet Underground song “The Ostrich” by Lou Reed and the Primitives, on which he initially recorded utilizing this tuning, the first known commercial composition to do so.

Similarly, Who invented ostrich tuning?

Lou Reed created the phrase “ostrich guitar” in 1965, after the song “The Ostrich” by Lou Reed and the Primitives, in which he employed this tuning for the first time.

Also, it is asked, Why is it called ostrich tuning?

Lou Reed’s Ostrich Guitar Tuning, in which all the strings were tuned to D, was one of the Velvet Underground’s hidden weapons. The Primitives, a pre-Velvet Underground band lead by Lou Reed, released a novelty song in 1964 called “The Ostrich.”

Secondly, What is Glam tuning?

Glam tuning is when all of the guitar’s strings are tuned to the same tone. It’ll be in various octaves, but it’ll all be the same note, which was quite popular during the glam rock period.

Also, Who plays Rick Kelly Guitars?

One 69-year-old guy constructs a Kelly guitar. He makes one every week on average. Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, and the late Lou Reed have all owned and performed his instruments.

People also ask, What did Lou Reed play?


Related Questions and Answers

How did Lou Reed learn guitar?

According to Reed, he was brought to the local music shop to take guitar lessons when he was 10 years old on the Island (he grew up in Freeport, Long Island). It was the kind of piano business you’d see on a corner, where lessons were conducted in the rear.

What guitar does St Vincent play?

Princeton Fender Clark used to combine the Harmony Bobkat with a Fender Princeton amp when she was St. Vincent. She has also been seen playing a Fender Deluxe Reverb, as well as TRVR Little Boy and TRVR Trinity models, during her career.

What are the six guitar strings?

There are six strings on the guitar. The guitar string notes are E, A, D, G, B, E, in order from low to high. There are a handful of sayings that may help us remember these string names: Eat A Dead Grasshopper Before Everything, Eddie Ate Dynamite, or Goodbye Eddie

What amp did the Velvet Underground use?

Super Beatle Amp Vox AC100 The amp has a pure power output of over 100 Watts and bigger cabinets than its predecessors. The Velvet Underground would end up utilizing the 1966 Super Beatle amp as part of their own endorsement contract with Vox.

How old is John Cale?

John Cale (Ma) is 80 years old.

Was Lou Reed ever married?

2008–2013 Laurie Andersonm 1980–1990: Sylvia Moralesm 1973–1973 Bettye Reedm

How did Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson meet?

They met in Munich in 1992, and Anderson tells Rolling Stone that she was astonished he didn’t have a British accent since she had assumed The Velvet Underground were an English band.

Who played guitar in the Velvet Underground?

Morrison, Sterling

Where are Waterloo guitars made?

Texas, Austin

What gear did Velvet Underground use?

Super Beatle Amp Vox AC100 The Velvet Underground would end up utilizing the 1966 Super Beatle amp as part of their own endorsement contract with Vox. The Velvets took this amp to new heights by adding a mid-range booster and a Tone Bender Fuzz pedal.

Is JJ Cale and John Cale?

Weldon, John Cale grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, after being born in Oklahoma City. To prevent confusion with John Cale of the Velvet Underground, he eventually changed his name to “JJ.” He went on to perform in local country and rockabilly bands after graduating from Tulsa Central High School in 1956.

Where was JJ Cale from?

OKC (Oklahoma City) J. J. Cale / Birthplace

What guitar did JJ Cale play?

He played a late-70s Strat for a few years in the early 1980s, and I have another heavily modified Stratocaster that he began with the body and neck, then added pickups and tweaked to his satisfaction.

Is Lou Reed dead?

Lou Reed died in October.

Were David Bowie and Lou Reed friends?

When David Bowie brought Lou Reed to Britain in 1972, it was the day we met Lou. Lou Reed and David Bowie’s relationship is one of those rock and roll moments that makes your heart feel warm and fuzzy. At moments in their careers, the two were artistically inseparable, and each sought solace in the other.

How much was Lou Reed worth?

$20 million

Why is Laurie Anderson famous?

Laurie Anderson is a well-known – and daring – artistic pioneer in America. She has performed as a visual artist, composer, poet, photographer, filmmaker, electronics whiz, singer, and instrumentalist, and is best known for her multimedia shows.

Where was Lou Reed from?

New York, New York Birthplace of Lou Reed

Who wrote Velvet Underground songs?

Nico, Reed, and Cale play a song written by John Cale and Lou Reed. Loaded studio recordings (1970)

What goes on Velvet Underground Wiki?

“What Goes On” is a Velvet Underground song. It was the lone single from their eponymous third album, released in 1969. T.T.G. Studios in Hollywood recorded the song in 1968.

What goes on Velvet Underground cover?

25 Great Velvet Underground/Lou Reed Covers “Jesus” by Glen Campbell and “I’m Set Free” by Yo La Tengo The Feelies, “What Goes On” Karen Elson, “Vicious” Black Lips, Bradford Cox, BBQ, “Run Run Run” “Walk on the Wild Side” by Arctic Monkeys “I’ll Be Your Mirror,” Rainy Day “White Light/White Heat,” say the Darlins.

Where are MacKenzie and Marr guitars made?


Is Waterloo a good guitar?

The Waterloo is nicely balanced, with just enough bottom end, unlike other large guitars that have an overbearing bass sound. It’s also a fantastic fingerpicking guitar: the sound is warm and dulcet when I play lightly, but when I dig in, the guitar replies with a good growl and bite.

Where are Santa Cruz guitars made?

The Santa Cruz Guitar Company is an acoustic guitar maker based in Santa Cruz, California. Richard B. Smith, a luthier, founded the firm in 1976.


The “velvet underground andy warhol” coined the term, “ostrich guitar”. The term is used to describe a style of playing where the guitarist doesn’t play any notes.

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