Name for Someone Who Loves Music?

A melomaniac is a person who has an abnormal love of music (plural: melomaniacs).

Similarly, What to call someone who loves music?

ODO seems to be close to the concept of musicophile. n. A music enthusiast.

Also, it is asked, What is Musicophile?

Noun. music lover (plural musicophiles) who like music.

Secondly, What is a melomaniac?

Melomaniac as defined by medicine 1: a person who exhibits melomania. 2: a person or dog that is excessively and unusually affected by musical or other tones in specific sound ranges.

Also, Who is a Melophile?

a music lover, sometimes known as a melophile (plural melophiles).

People also ask, What is an Aesthete person?

Aesthete is defined as having or exhibiting sensitivity to the beautiful, particularly in art.

Related Questions and Answers

What is a music addict called?

A melomaniac is a person who has an abnormal love of music (plural: melomaniacs).

What Epicure means?

Epicure 1 is defined as a person with sensitive and discerning preferences, particularly in food or wine. Two ancient: Sybarite, a person who lives for sensual pleasure.

What do you call a person who loves art and music?

In American English, an aesthete is someone who has a deep love of music, poetry, art, etc. while showing little interest in practical issues. In addition: estheteSYNONYMS 1. discerning.

Is appreciator a real word?

noun. a person who recognizes and values something for all that it is worth.

What is a bon viveur?

A bon viveur is someone who enjoys delicious cuisine, wine, and other social gatherings as well as going to parties and other events.

What does hedonist mean?

Hedonists are defined as individuals who devote their lives to the pursuit of pleasure. A hedonist’s dream, the 2007 vintage delivered rich wines with appealing fruit and sensuous structure, making it the most recent to reach retail shelves in the United States.

What gourmet means?

Epicure, gourmet, gourmand, and gastronome are nouns that denote someone who enjoys food and drink. Epicurean connotes meticulousness and opulent taste. Gourmet refers to a person who enjoys fine cuisine and drink with discrimination.

What language is aesthete?

Aesthete” in Spanish | Collins English-Spanish Dictionary.

How do I get an aesthete?

An aesthete is a person with a finely tuned, profound sensitivity to the beauty of art or nature; they have a unique perspective on life.

How do you use aesthete?

In a Sentence: Aesthete A local aesthete was one of the many art enthusiasts the art museum invited to the opening. The job description for curator specifically requested aesthetes to apply. The aesthete acquired opera box seats.

What does the word fiend mean *?

An evil spirit, demon, or devil is a noun. a very evil individual, especially one who is ruthless or unkind to others. casual. a person who is really fond of or interested in something; for example, he loves playing cards.

What do you mean by devotees?

Devotee is defined as an enthusiastic supporter, adherent, or fanatic (as of a religion, art form, or sport)

What is the synonym of fan?

ardent supporter, admirer, lover, or addict. supporter, disciple, follower, backer, adherent, advocate, and votary. expert, devotee, connoisseur. slang terms for buffs, fiends, freaks, bugs, nuts, maniacs, groupies, and addicts.

What is the difference between a bon vivant and a bon viveur?

a person who enjoys dining out with friends and enjoying fine wine or other beverages. The pronunciation of the plural forms, bon vivants or bons vivants, as well as bon viveurs or bons viveurs, is the same as for the singular.

What do you call a food expert?

Connoisseur, aficionado, and wine connoisseur.

What is a pugnacious person?

Pugnacious is defined as having a combative or quarrelsome nature: truculent.

What do you call a pleasure giver?

A hedonistic individual is dedicated to obtaining sensory pleasure; he is the kind of guy you may run with at an all-you-can-eat buffet or in a massage parlor.

What is a foodie personality?

A foodie is someone who enjoys eating both out of need and as a pleasure and has an intense or sophisticated interest in food. The words “gastronome” and “gourmet,” which are related, basically refer to the same concept—a person who eats for pleasure.

What is the definition of a bon vivant?

A bon vivant is someone who enjoys socializing and has well-honed preferences, particularly with regards to food and drink. Since relocating to the metropolis, she has developed into a bon vivant.

What language is the word unique?


What is aesthetic synonym?

You can find 24 alternative words for aesthetic on this page, including idiomatic phrases, synonyms, and related words like artistic, beautiful, style, appreciating, esthetical, art-conscious, stylistic, esthetic, attractive, and modernist.

What do you call a lover of beauty?

Philokalist, also known as a Philocalist, is a term of Greek roots that means “lover of beauty.”

What is aesthetic look?

The term “aesthetic” refers to a person or thing’s pleasing, admirable, or artistic appearance. To state that a certain car is beautiful is an example of the use of the word aesthetic. adjective.

How do you appreciate an artist in one word?

Additionally, every artist deserves to be recognized for their efforts. Comment for One-Word Painting The work of art! Outstanding. Astonishing. That’s original! It is flawless. Talented. Extraordinary. Fantastic


The “melophile” is a person who loves music. The word comes from the Greek “melos” which means “music”.

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