How to Make Instagram Music Longer Than 15 Seconds?

To change which section of the song is being played, drag the bar at the bottom. You can also customize the length of the clip by tapping on the time at the bottom.

Similarly, How do you make Instagram songs longer?

To change which section of the song is being played, drag the bar at the bottom. You can also customize the length of the clip by tapping on the time at the bottom.

Also, it is asked, Can you add more than 15 seconds of music on Instagram?

Once you’ve decided on a song to use as background music for your Instagram Story, you’ll need to choose how long you want it to play. The minimal duration of music on your Instagram Story is 1 second if you’re utilizing a static picture. When music is included, however, the maximum duration is 15 seconds.

Secondly, Can Instagram stories be longer than 15 seconds?

Is it possible for Instagram stories to go longer than 15 seconds? Instagram stories are allowed to go longer than 15 seconds. The maximum time limit is ten minutes.

Also, How do you change the number of seconds on Instagram?

To get started with the new feature and make lengthier Instagram Stories, hit the Your Story icon and then press and hold the record button in the bottom-right corner for as long as you want to capture a moment – without worrying about the 15-second restriction.

People also ask, How do you post more than 20 seconds on Instagram?

Launch the Gallery app on Android. Tap the Scissors symbol after selecting the video you wish to cut. Tap Trim. To raise or reduce the duration, drag the slider to the left or right. When you’re finished, tap the check mark symbol.

Related Questions and Answers

Why is my Instagram story only 15 seconds?

Length of Instagram Stories Individual Instagram Stories have a 15-second time restriction. If your video is longer than 15 seconds, Instagram will break it into 15-second segments and play them one after the other.

How do I change the length of my Instagram stories?

To change the duration of a clip in your video, simply touch on it in the timeline to select it. Then modify the length by dragging the sliders at either end of the clip to the left or right. Adjust the duration of each segments until the Stories movie reaches the desired length.

Can you make your Instagram Story longer than 24 hours?

You may now add photos or videos to your Instagram Stories that are older than 24 hours. Instagram announced this week that users may now submit photographs or videos to their Stories that are older than 24 hours.

How do you post a 1 minute video on Instagram?

How to use the official Instagram app to submit lengthier videos to Instagram Story. Instagram has added the ability to share longer videos directly from the app. Simply choose a lengthier video (up to 60 seconds) and Instagram will automatically break it into 15-second portions.

Why are some Instagram stories longer?

Instagram Stories are now restricted to 15-second snippets each story. If your recording lasts more than 15 seconds, it will be broken into many Stories. Instagram users will be able to include up to 60 minute videos in a single Instagram Story without needing to divide them.

Why has my Instagram story disappeared before 24 hours 2021?

Don’t worry, your material doesn’t violate any rules. Instagram seems to be experiencing a glitch, with many users’ stories being erased before the 24-hour mark. Unfortunately, if your story was deleted, it does not seem like it will be restored (at least not yet) until Instagram can fix the problem.

How do you post a long video on Instagram 2020?

Step 1: For Instagram, download a video editing program like CutStory. Step 2: Use your phone to record your video. Step 3: Open the video from your camera roll in the app and cut it into 15-second segments. Step 4: Open Instagram Stories and upload each of the video from your camera roll.

Can you post a video longer than a minute on Instagram 2022?

By pressing on the ‘+’ in the upper right corner of the home page, users may now easily submit films up to 60 minutes long. The video preview on the main page is now 60 seconds lengthy, with a 15-second limit if the video qualifies as an advertising.

Can you post longer than 1 minute on Instagram 2022?

Instagram video postings may last anything from 3 seconds to 10 minutes (60 minutes for selected accounts). If your video is longer than 60 seconds, a preview will play in the stream, and people may opt to watch the whole on your profile.

How do you put a reel longer than 15 seconds?

To use this function, first create a new Reel, then hit the left-hand down button to see the menu. Toggle between 15-second, 30-second, and 60-second Reels by tapping “length.”

Where is IGTV in Instagram?

In an attempt to concentrate more on video content, Instagram has officially dropped the IGTV tab and overhauled its video format as a whole. Instead, Instagram has merged IGTV and feed videos into a single format known as “Instagram Video.” Continue reading to learn more about Instagram Video, the company’s new video format.

How do I get IGTV?

How to Make an Instagram TV Account From the App Store or Google Play, get the IGTV app. Sign up for the IGTV app (it will utilize your profile if you’re already linked in to your original Instagram account). In the right hand corner, select the settings gear icon, then “new channel.” And that’s it!

How do I upload IGTV less than 1 minute?

Step 1: To begin, hit the + symbol at the bottom of the screen, choose the video you wish to upload, and then tap Next. Step 2: Select Long Video to upload a video to IGTV that is at least 60 seconds long.

What happened to IGTV on Instagram?

Last October, Instagram dropped the IGTV branding in favor of a new format dubbed simply “Instagram Video,” which blended IGTV’s long-form video with Instagram feed videos. Instagram has previously said that the IGTV app will not be discontinued, but rather renamed.

How do you add music to multiple Instagram stories?

To add a music to numerous photos on Instagram story, launch the app and pick “Story” from the menu. Then choose the image or images to which you wish to add the music. After that, go to the “Music” menu and choose the song you wish to utilize. The song will then be added to your article.

How long does Instagram story say 1 day?

Unless you add it as a highlight, photos and videos you submit to your story vanish after 24 hours from Feed, your profile, and Direct. Remember that you may keep photographs and videos from your story, as well as share it on Feed.

Does Instagram notify when you Screenshot a story?

QUICK REPLY When you take a screenshot of a story, Instagram does not alert you. The other user will be informed if you snap a screenshot of a vanishing picture in an Instagram conversation.

What is the duration of Instagram story?

How do you make your Instagram music longer than 5 seconds 2021?

To adjust the duration of the song, click the 15 button on the left and choose the appropriate length. The amusement does not end here. Instagram also lets you add lyrics to the music you’ve posted to your story.

How do you post a 3 minute video on Instagram?

How to upload a 3-minute or longer video to Instagram Launch the Instagram application. At the bottom of the screen, press the magnifying glass. At the top-left of the screen, press the IGTV button. At the top-right corner of the screen, press +. Choose the video you wish to share. Select Next.

How do you post a 3 minute video on Instagram 2022?

How to upload a video to Instagram: To add photographs and videos from your camera roll, tap the Add button. Select the option to combine several bits of material. Order the clips you wish to use. Tap Next. Tap Next after editing the footage to your liking. Include a caption and your location. Select Share.

How short can an IGTV be?

Video length must be at least one minute. While uploading from a mobile device, your video may be 15 minutes long and 60 minutes long when uploading from the web. 650MB for videos under 10 minutes; 3.6GB for videos lasting more than 60 minutes. Vertical (portrait) or horizontal (horizontal) orientation (landscape)


Instagram has a limit of 15 seconds on how long an audio clip can be. This is to prevent copyright infringement. If you want to make your music longer than 15 seconds, there are a few ways that you can do it.

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