How to Get Music Choice Without Cable?

Music Choice is accessible on your TV, via a web interface, and through an iOS and Android mobile app. For channel listings, see your TV guide, or download the app and log in using your TV Provider ID and Password.

Similarly, Do you have to pay for Music Choice?

Music Selection On DemandTM A free On Demand music network called Music Choice On Demand offers a selection of music videos and television programs. Every piece of material is accessible for free, unlimited viewing, around-the-clock.

Also, it is asked, Does Roku have Music Choice?

Is Music Choice accessible on my Roku, Fire Stick, Apple TV, or Android TV app? We don’t officially support Android TV, Apple TV, Fire Stick, or Roku at this time.

Secondly, What TV providers offer Music Choice?

Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox Communications, Verizon Fios, DirecTV, and several smaller cable providers carry Music Choice nationwide. DMX, Stingray Music, Sirius XM, and XITE are comparable broadcast music services.

Also, Can I subscribe to Music Choice?

Call 1-866-247-2633 to sign up for Music Choice Relax. Call 1-800-746-4726 to sign up for Music Choice Relax. Log into your account at or the MyFios app to subscribe to Music Choice Relax. Visit or dial 1-844-XTREAM5 to sign up for Music Choice Relax.

People also ask, Is music choice on any streaming service?

Music Choice is accessible on your TV, via a web interface, and through an iOS and Android mobile app. For channel listings, see your TV guide, or download the app and log in using your TV Provider ID and Password.

Related Questions and Answers

Can you get music choice on Alexa?

Select the service you want your Echo device to support. Once you’re connected, you can either choose your Echo inside a music app and have it play via your device by saying “Alexa, play Kelly Clarkson” or you may ask Alexa to play music. Here is how to link a few certain music applications.

How much does music choice cost?

Depending on how many people live in your home, a Music Choice PLUS membership may be upgraded to a bigger plan for as little as $10.99/month for a single profile. Everyone has a choice of plans! Visit right now to learn more about the plan and to join up for a 30-day free trial of Music Choice PLUS!

How do I get my music on Music Choice?

Instructions for submitting music to Music Choice What comes first? Ensure that your press kit is prepared. Send in your top audio files. the following address when sending your CD and media kit: Send in your favorite music videos. Requirements for submission. Michelle Aguilar is very passionate about music and its past.

How do I get radio stations on Roku?

When the TV screen is off, you may listen to audio content from Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn by turning on a Roku TV function called Fast TV Start. When the TV screen is off, if you have a compatible Roku device, you may also stream music through Bluetooth from a phone, tablet, or computer.

Where can I stream music on my TV?

Utilizing music streaming applications is the simplest method to listen to music while watching TV. There are several music streaming applications, however here are a few of the more well-known ones: Pandora. Itunes Radio Spotify. Radio TuneIn. iTunes Music Apple Music (Amazon Prime Music) TIDAL. Deezer

Is Music Choice on directv free?

With DIRECTV’s Music Choice Channels, which are offered at the greatest prices with DIRECTV’s television packages, you can create the ideal atmosphere for your restaurant, hotel lounge, or bar. A terrific feature for your restaurant, hotel, motel, bar, workplace, or other company is Music Choice Channels!

Does Hulu have music channels?

With their extended agreement, Spotify and Hulu are now offering all of the premium content that music and video lovers love in one package for $12.99 per month (and $4.99 for students).

Is music choice free on Xfinity?

Customers of Cox and Comcast Xfinity may now try Music Choice Relax for free for 7 days. Use your remote to go to the On Demand menu of your TV provider, or dial their toll-free number, to start your free trial.

What is Music Choice Plus?

With the new premium music subscription service Music Choice PLUS, you have the choice to listen to millions of songs, artists, and albums on your TV and mobile devices whenever you choose. On your mobile devices, you may find new music, make an unlimited number of playlists for your own leisure, and listen offline.

What is directv music choice?

What DIRECTV channel is Music Choice TV on? Channel 800 carries Music Choice TV.

What is the Music Choice app?

Your music is in the palm of your hand thanks to the Music Choice App for iOS and Android smartphones. Enjoy FREE access to 25 streaming video channels, 75 commercial-free music channels, and thousands of music videos by your favorite artists!

Why is Music Choice Not working?

Please try entirely closing your app. Relog in and try one again. Try deleting your program first, then reinstalling it if that doesn’t work. Please get in touch with us here if you’re still having issues.

What music stations are free on Alexa?

Several free services, such as iHeartRadio, Pandora, and TuneIn, have Alexa functionality already built in. Additionally, links to Apple Music’s and Spotify’s free tiers are available. Launch the Alexa app on your computer or smartphone.

Is Amazon Music Unlimited free with Prime?

With up to 4 months of the music streaming service absolutely free (opens in new tab) if you’re a Prime member (or 3 months if you’re not), this Amazon Music Unlimited deal is a great way to get things started.

Do you have to pay for Amazon Music on Alexa?

It’s all free and really simple with Alexa and Prime Music. Ask Alexa to play a song by name, artist, lyric, playlist, or station to find your music. Ask Alexa to play the Weekly One to remain informed about the news.

Is music choice free on spectrum?

Every piece of material is accessible for free, unlimited viewing, around-the-clock.

Is music choice free on FiOS?

Beginning today, the Zona Latina category of the FiOS On Demand TV lineup will provide free access to Music Choice’s 500 collection of Latin music videos and original programming. 250 of these will be made accessible right now, with the remaining 300 to be added later this month.

Does Sling TV have music channels?

PUBLIC MUSIC ON SLING: HOW TO WATCH. 22 channels are available, including Public Music. Use your preferred devices to stream. No lengthy commitment; simple termination.

What channel is Music Choice relax?

station 1

What music is free on Roku?

Free music services on Roku Pandora chooses songs for you depending on the genre, song, or artist you choose, or you may go through suggestions. Live sports, breaking news, handpicked music, millions of podcasts, and more than 120,000 streaming radio stations are all available for free on TuneIn.

Is the music channel free?

The Music Channel is a free marketing platform for musicians, record labels, and publicists that promotes certain musicians and their music in order to grow fan bases and followings and boost music download sales.

How do I play music on my Roku?

The variety of possibilities at your disposal will amaze you! Peruse the Roku Channel Store’s Music category. Upgrade the audio on your Roku TV. Stream music from your own personal collection. Mobile Roku app. Various Windows and Android devices’ screens are mirrored. Listen and watch.


The “free music choice app” is a free way for people to get music without having to pay for cable. The app has been around since the late 1990s, and it is still one of the most popular apps on Android.

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